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Friday, May 16, 2008

The funny way to meet a friend

I just find something real good on the internet during this week. It name spock.com. I am sure you will like it after you try it. Ok, spock.com is a free people and information search engine. You will meet a lot of service that provide here. The first thing you must do is sign up to be a member of spock.com. I’m going to tell you more after you do it.

After you join this free program, you can start log in using your username. The next first thing you do is giving some information about yourself in order to make easy if somebody searching you. Let’s say you want to meet your old friend named Amir. All you need to do just type the name in the search bar and then click search. Wait for a second, and you will show the list that match to amir as the result. Choose one of them to find where is your real friend  Very simple don’t you? You can also make the specific search by put some special tags. It can be the city where your friend live or even his/her job title. Then spock.com will give you the result.

That is not all you can get from this funny and useful search engine. You even can find a lot of information to discuss with your friend. Just try this link : http://spock.com/q/brazilian-fashion-model/. You will get information and pictures about top model came from brazil as the result. Or try another link like this : http://spock.com/q/drunk-driving. Oh no it will show you some people arrested for drunk driving. The last benefit by join spock.com are you can make a new friend from another member in this program and you can invite all your friend to join with you. I am really happy to tell you this story and I’m wating you there!

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